Desert Pinata Clutch


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Wrapped in woven fabric mirroring the colors of the desert sands, this clutch is a vivid celebration of your vibrant spirit. Neon orange and pink dance across the beige base, creating a visual fiesta that calls out to the fearless fashionista in you. Sway to the rhythm of your own style and let the Desert Pinata be the star of your colorful escapade. Because when it comes to fashion, the desert is not a mirage – it's a runway waiting to be owned! 


  • Multi colored faux jacquard clutch with a hand embroidered sequin belt closure 
  • Lush black velvet interior lining with cross body metal chain
  • Magnetic closure on top to make it convenient to open and close


  • 8"W x 6"H x 2.5"D
  • 20.5" cross body metal chain (email us to increase or decrease the length)

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