Our Bags are So Unnecessary

But that is if you think it is necessary to fit in all the time. Stay hidden. Not have a voice or an opinion. Our designs can inspire you to do all this and more. Some people may find that unnecessary. But the ones who buy a Simitri bag never do. They get it for a single reason.
They want to own it.

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If your bag is an extension of you, then why shouldn’t it shine, shimmer or glow.

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Our Happy Customers

The bag is so classy and gorgeous!
Perfect for a dinner, cocktail, wedding... Just ups the style quotient. Love it!

Natasha Singh

The artistry and workmanship are top notch. Saw this advertised on The Today Show and wanted the green one. Every time I wear it I've had people stop me and comment on how pretty the headband is!

Cindi Thomas

When I first saw it, all I could think of was a snake skin, which are beautiful .I am buying it.

Evelyn Smith

This dreamy rainbow bag is going to be a great accessory for my luncheon dates! Can't wait to use it!

Gretchen McClurkan

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