Our Bags are So Unnecessary

But that is if you think it is necessary to fit in all the time. Stay hidden. Not have a voice or an opinion. Our designs can inspire you to do all this and more. Some people may find that unnecessary. But the ones who buy a Simitri bag never do. They get it for a single reason.
They want to own it.

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A Crown Fit For a


The Ugly Christmas Bag!

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Founder’s Bling Bag Theory

If your bag is an extension of you, then why shouldn’t it shine, shimmer or glow.

Not Just Bags. But


Our Happy Customers

I love my Black Fishnet but have my heart set on the Beetle bags too. Your work is amazing, honestly! It's so hard to find stylish, colorful, LOUD bags these days. My only problem is that I want them all!

Ella W

So I have bought eight Simiti bags so far, and given three away, but the Sangria Kitsch Clutch has become one of my most prized possessions! It is incredibly roomy and is perfect for a night on the town.I will send you a picture of my collection soon!

Madhu C

I purchased the Vanilla Beetle for my wedding in fall. It was such a cool statement. The detail work on it is exquisite, and I reach for it on repeat even after the wedding! The chain strap makes it so wearable, love it!

Ashley B

I was looking at your site and hadn't seen some of the newer ones, I always just want more. I told all of my guy friends it is the absolute perfect gift when you don't know what to get your significant other. There are so many bags to fit so many personalities.

Melissa B