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At Simitri, we get you.

You aren’t just here searching for an evening clutch or a fabulous tote bag or a blingy headband. You are looking for that one accessory that goes with your story. Everything that makes you the awesome person you are. The kind of person who goes out of her way to support small businesses and find cruelty-free products. You may think this isn’t really a big deal, but trust us, it is.

We created Simitri for people like you, who are on the lookout for handmade, artisanal accessories that are totally original. Each design comes straight out of our wild imagination and onto a drawing board. From there, it travels across seven seas to a traditional artisan in India, who uses age-old embroidering techniques like zardozi and dori work, to bring these unforgettable accessories to life.

The results are phenomenal. The iridescent colors, shine and shimmer make each Simitri creation stand out at any occasion. Especially at weddings! From knotted headbands to embroidered masks, and from bedazzled evening bags to bohemian tote bags, we want these pieces of art to breathe life into our regular monotonous lives. Even our briefcase bags, are unlike anything you’ve seen before. One has cat ears, after all!

But we love it. Because we know the ones who own a Simitri get what it is to 'hold their own' in a crowd. And to be that uninhibited, unboring, unstoppable you. So what we'd like to say is, thank you


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