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Clutches & Bags for Weddings

Something borrowed, something new

Like the bridal dress, Simitri too is a beautiful combination of something borrowed and something new. We borrowed from established shapes and styles like the box, briefcase or envelope, but have always added our something new in the form of original patterns, a different blend of colours, fabrics or sequins. That is why each of our wedding clutches look new but feel familiar, making it insatiably attractive to all.

The Big PHAT Wedding Clutch

PHAT i.e Pretty Hot And Tempting, is the perfect way to describe our metallic and black evening clutches for weddings and cocktails. Each of these handmade, designer bags have shine and shimmer sewn into them by craftsmen who are trained to add panache and polish to sequins, chains and tassels turning your Simitri Clutch into a piece of jewelry. It’s the kind of accessory that can glam up any wedding outfit it’s paired with.

Do you take this bag?

Of course, you do! Remember to honor and protect your Simitri, to care for it because it will lift you up and make you the glamorous diva you absolutely deserve to be. It will be there for you in your good times and bad, and carry you confidently down an aisle, a runway or the red carpet. This is our vow to you, that you will wow any onlookers with your gorgeous self and this shining arm candy. And to those who aren’t impressed, well, do we really care?


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