Purple Haze Angel Clutch


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The Purple Haze Angel is your answer for YOU, the lover of all things black yet yearning for a splash of vibrancy. It's not just a clutch; it's a masterpiece that celebrates your duality, your love for the dark and your craving for the dazzling.

Picture yourself in a sea of monochrome chic then BAM a burst of prismatic frills, like a kaleidoscope of colors, explodes from your hand. These exquisite frills, crafted from a medley of materials, are a symphony of shades perfect for fall but bright enough to make statements even during spring. This clutch will be your go-to for any occasion that demands an extra dose of style and sass. Imagine the convenience of having your style statement always at your fingertips, whether you're heading out for a romantic rendezvous or a casual evening out. 

Let the Purple Haze Angel be your muse, guiding you through fall vibes and dazzling ensembles that turn heads and start conversations. 


  • Black shimmer fabric clutch with multi colored exaggerated organza frills as closure
  • Lush velvet lining and an additional metal chain as handle


  • 7.5" W x 4.5" H x 2" D
  • 20.5" cross body metal chain

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