AAPI Heritage Month with Simitri

May was an extraordinary month for all of us at Simitri.
Simran Kaur and Gayatri Chopra of Simitri
At Simitri, we are passionate about merging the elegance of India-inspired designs with a contemporary twist. Our handcrafted accessories beautifully represent the spirit of South Asian heritage, and we are immensely proud that Simitri was featured on the Today Show and celebrated in D Magazine for AAPI Heritage Month.
Simitri's headbands at the Today Show for AAPI Heritage Month
We are delighted to be recognized along with other AAPI-founded brands, and this remarkable achievement marks a significant milestone in our founding team’s entrepreneurial journey. The recognition we received from the Today Show and the opportunity to tell our story through D Magazine underscores the significance of AAPI Heritage Month. It is a testament to the diversity and vibrancy that the AAPI community brings to the cultural fabric of America. 
Simitri's handcrafted headbands featured on the Today Show for AAPI month
We are immensely grateful for the support and love we have received on this incredible journey so far. We extend our deepest gratitude to our customers, partners, and everyone who has believed in us. Your support has allowed us to shine on these platforms on National television, amplifying the message of diversity, slow fashion, and the beauty of handcrafted accessories.
As we celebrate our achievements at Simitri, let us also recognize the broader impact of supporting and uplifting diverse voices in the fashion industry.
Even though AAPI Heritage Month has drawn to a close, let us carry the spirit of celebration and appreciation for diversity throughout the year. 
Simran Kaur and Gayatri Chopra, Founders' of Simitri in D Magazine
Simitri's journey reminds us that with determination, collaboration, and a deep connection to our roots, we can create something truly remarkable, and we hope that the story of Gayatri Chopra and Simran Kaur inspires aspiring entrepreneurs, women in business, and advocates for more AAPI representation.