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Cinderella Kitsch ClutchCinderella Kitsch Clutch
Carnival Kitsch ClutchCarnival Kitsch Clutch
Confetti 2.0 Kitsch ClutchConfetti 2.0 Kitsch Clutch
Champagne Kitsch ClutchChampagne Kitsch Clutch
Lavender Kitsch ClutchLavender Kitsch Clutch
Orchid Kitsch ClutchOrchid Kitsch Clutch
Gold Zigzag Clutch Gold Zigzag Clutch
Sold out
Viva Magenta Dori ClutchViva Magenta Dori Clutch
Marigold Kitsch ClutchMarigold Kitsch Clutch
Rainbow Etoile ClutchRainbow Etoile Clutch
Sold out
Multi Dune ClutchMulti Dune Clutch
Etoile ClutchEtoile Clutch

Etoile Clutch

Oro Kitsch ClutchOro Kitsch Clutch
Black Shimmy Ombre' ClutchBlack Shimmy Clutch
Silver Shimmy Ombre ClutchSilver Shimmy Ombre Clutch
Gold Shimmy Ombre Clutch Gold Shimmy ombre
Sold out
Dune Gold clutch dune gold clutch

Dune Clutch

Pataka ClutchPataka Clutch

Pataka Clutch

Diwali Night Clutch Diwali Night Clutch
Peacock Kitsch ClutchPeacock Kitsch Clutch

Peacock Clutch

Simitri - Multi Disco ClutchSimitri - Multi Disco Clutch
Simitri  - Frosted ClutchSimitri  - Frosted Clutch

Frosted Clutch

Simitri - Cosmopolitan ClutchSimitri - Cosmopolitan Clutch
Sold out
Simitri - Biscotti ClutchSimitri - Biscotti Clutch
Sold out

Biscotti Clutch

Simitri - Bubblegum ClutchSimitri - Bubblegum Clutch
Simitri - Ultimutt Briefcase BagSimitri - Ultimutt Briefcase Bag
Sold out
Simitri - Blush Chunky  Clutch
Simitri - Fiery Kitsch ClutchSimitri - Fiery Kitsch Clutch
Simitri - Red Dreamy ClutchSimitri - Red Dreamy Clutch
Simitri - Chandelier ClutchSimitri - Chandelier Clutch
Sold out
Simitri - Bubbly ClutchSimitri - Bubbly Clutch
Sold out

Bubbly Clutch

Simitri - Rainbow Ombre ClutchSimitri - Rainbow Ombre Clutch
Sold out
Simitri - Mimosa Ombre ClutchSimitri - Mimosa Ombre Clutch
Sold out

Mimosa Clutch

Simitri - Gold Donut ClutchSimitri - Gold Donut Clutch
Sold out
Simitri - B Dreamy ClutchSimitri - B Dreamy Clutch

B Dreamy Bag

Simitri - Tassy ClutchSimitri - Tassy Clutch

Tassy Clutch


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What the functional?

Our clutches are big enough to fit a phone, wallet, keys, some old gloss, blah, blah, blah. But that’s basic. All bags in the world are created out of a need to protect our possessions. However, our cross-body slings or evening party clutches also tend to possess something more. A personality. Bold. Outrageous. Over-the-top. Still, in a world full of mass-produced, tried and tested designs, we too pass off as functional. But funky? Well yeah!

Matches your dress. And your confidence.

Our evening clutch bags could be the shiniest thing at the gala or award-ceremony, but the one thing it can’t outshine is the person carrying it. We root for the person who dares to be exceptional. It’s not easy facing paparazzi at events or sometimes our own family at weddings, where we are judged over life and wardrobe choices with equal fervor. Facing it all with a smile and humor takes truckloads of confidence. To match confidence like that, one needs the big mama of designer evening bags aka SIMITRI.