Boujee Bucket Bag


Indulge your inner trendsetter with our Boujee Bucket Bag – a masterpiece that's as bold as it is extravagant, and a clever tribute to the art of being boujee. This isn't just a black bucket bag; it's a playful nod to opulence, featuring patches of ornate embroideries that proudly proclaim that you're unafraid to stand out and take pride in reveling in the spoils of your hard-earned victories.

When you look closely, the patchwork reads Simitri, a creative and elusive take on logo-filled bags we frequently see. 


  • Black velvet cylindrical shaped bag with hand embroidered sequin & thread patches hand stitched all over
  • Interior is lush velvet lining with a wrist carry braided crystal strap and a cross cody faux leather strap
  • 7"W x 5.5"H x 4"D

Free Shipping and Returns for U.S. contiguous states.

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