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Eclipse Kitsch ClutchEclipse Kitsch Clutch
Vi Vi Kitsch ClutchVi Vi Kitsch Clutch
Madras Etoile ClutchMadras Etoile Clutch
Rainbow Kaa Clutch bagRainbow Kaa Clutch bag
Laal BagHeeraLaal BagHeera
Hara BagHeeraHara BagHeera
Green Pearly ClutchGreen Pearly Clutch
Pink Pearly ClutchPink Pearly Clutch
Summer Dori 2.0 ClutchSummer Dori 2.0 Clutch
Bubbly 2.0 ClutchBubbly 2.0 Clutch
Disco Etoile ClutchDisco Etoile Clutch
Island Half Moon BagIsland Half Moon Bag
Birdie Half Moon BagBirdie Half Moon Bag
Green Garden Half Moon BagGreen Garden Half Moon Bag
Pistachio Kitsch ClutchPistachio Kitsch Clutch
Rose' Kitsch ClutchRose' Kitsch Clutch
Seafoam Kitsch ClutchSeafoam Kitsch Clutch
Cinderella Kitsch ClutchCinderella Kitsch Clutch
Carnival Kitsch ClutchCarnival Kitsch Clutch
Confetti 2.0 Kitsch ClutchConfetti 2.0 Kitsch Clutch
Champagne Kitsch ClutchChampagne Kitsch Clutch
Lavender Kitsch ClutchLavender Kitsch Clutch
Orchid Kitsch ClutchOrchid Kitsch Clutch
Silver Zigzag ClutchSilver Zigzag Clutch
On sale

Silver Zigzag Clutch

$250.00 $360.00
Gold Zigzag Clutch Gold Zigzag Clutch
Sold out
Viva Magenta Dori ClutchViva Magenta Dori Clutch
Marigold Kitsch ClutchMarigold Kitsch Clutch
Rainbow Etoile ClutchRainbow Etoile Clutch
Sold out
Blue Kaa ClutchBlue Kaa Clutch

Blue Kaa Clutch

Mojito Ombre' PouchMojito Ombre' Pouch
Sold out
Etoile ClutchEtoile Clutch

Etoile Clutch

Midnight Fringe ClutchMidnight Fringe Clutch
Oro Kitsch ClutchOro Kitsch Clutch
Silver Shimmy Ombre ClutchSilver Shimmy Ombre Clutch
Gold Shimmy Ombre Clutch Gold Shimmy ombre
Sold out
Gray Kaa ClutchGray Kaa Clutch

Gray Kaa Clutch


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Everybody’s cup of chic.

The best designer clutches that make heads turn at runways sometimes feel intimidating due to their unabashed and audacious treatment of different shapes, sizes, colours and materials. At Simitri, high fashion is and should be everyone’s cup of tea. One could prefer shine to sequins, or bugs to pompoms – it really doesn’t matter which of our bags you love or hate, as long as you’re willing to step out of your mass-manufactured comfort zone and see yourself worthy of fashion, glamour and art.

All Slings Attached

Simitri Clutches effortlessly transform into Designer Crossbody Bags with the inclusion of a sling with some of our bestseller styles. On our briefcase style clutches, we’ve featured a fabric sling with handcrafted Indian embroidery while on our sequined clutches there is a shorter metallic chain that makes it comfortable to wear it over your shoulder at parties or on the dancefloor. Even though a Simitri clutch is (we think) the best thing for your hands to be seen with, there are things we wouldn’t want to come in way of. Like a cocktail, an award trophy or your date’s hand.