We invite you to #OwnThatBag

If you follow us on Instagram @simitri.shop, you have most likely seen a photo caption followed by #ownthatbag. You may have also been at a Monday Meeting with Simitri where we ‘present’ the brand, our philosophy and shout out to the people that breathe life into Simitri on a daily basis. At these Monday Meetings you may have seen us quote,” Nobody buys a Simitri because it’s necessary, they buy a Simitri because they want to Own It.”

If you have ever wondered what this means, today is your lucky day as we share the genesis of Simitri’s co-founders Simran and Gayatri’s journey and how it influences the brand philosophy and expression. 



Growing up in India, Gayatri was drawn to the colorful chaos of the streets of India, and captivated by the history of kingdoms, dynasties and royalty. Influenced by the richness of her land, she enjoyed expressing herself through over-the-top, eye-catching, bright and shiny apparel and accessories.

People are often quick to judge, so it is not surprising that her self-expression was often met with appreciation and curiosity, but sometimes it was seen as vain or showy and attracted mockery and ridicule. Unwilling to see her love for a bold statement and her freedom to express it (how American of her, lol) as unnecessary, she took all the opinions and supercharged them with humor to hone in on her creative vision as a designer to create forward looking, outlandish, fantastical accessories that not only celebrate imagination and pay homage to her Indian heritage, but piece after piece keep alive traditional artisanship.


Talk about owning it!

While the direct origin of the phrase “own who you are” is unknown, Gaya’s act of doubling down on her love for maximalism and being comfortable in her own shimmer and shine led to a feeling that is best expressed as #ownthatbag.


Simran, our Head of Business grew up in India too, and describes herself as a creature of habit. Her adventures in ‘Owning It’ began when she married her husband whose job moved them around the globe from Delhi, India to Michigan and then to Switzerland, one year in London and then back to the United States to Texas and now to California (whew that is a lot of moving!). Unlike those of us who find change and the life of an expat exciting, she found herself in a new environment ever so often that pushed her to move outside her comfort zone. Simran grudgingly took on the challenge, put her super skills of planning and organization to use to help them move, and after moving back to the States not only established herself in corporate America, but now as a mom, wife and co-founder of a designer handbags business is a force who elevates her children and encourages others to step into their power, and most importantly, leads by example. Having met Gayatri, Simran found an opportunity to ground herself in something she truly loved, HANDBAGS and thankfully for us we now have Simitri! 


At Simitri, we own our royalty, our absurdity, our whimsy, our vulgarity and give it a voice through our designs. Simitri’s fabulous fashion accessories are pure originals. Just like you! One of our client’s said, “I like to go over to the shop to see what’s new, there is always an accessory for every mood and for each of my personalities :D.”  Clearly, our bags are for the mixed bags!



Yes, a Simitri is
(by opinions of society)
(proudly so),
(because let’s face it, humor is humankind’s remaining saving grace).


Some may find that unnecessary, but not you. We see you, the creative, fantastic, ridiculous, eccentric you! The one who loves and accepts themself no matter what anyone says. Who isn’t afraid of their emotions. Expressions. Or dreams. So, you see, we know that you don’t buy a Simitri because it’s necessary, you buy it because you want to own it and we are here for it! 

We invite you to share your moments with Simitri when you are unapologetically you, because it’s 2022, it’s time you share a 'not so humble brag' about how you took some adjectives that society threw at you and turned them into your own personal #ownthatbag moment! Tag us on your #ownthatbag photos on @simitri.shop!