Luxury is in the details

It begins deep in the heart of Old Delhi; chaos and clutter meet the untrained eye. Walking through narrow lanes bursting with humble storefronts, you would never imagine the hidden treasures. Dare to step inside, and you find a world full of wonder. Walls line the ceiling with fabrics, shelves stacked with sequins in every color, and make-shift hangers full of tassels, ribbons, chains, and more. This is our happy place, our wonderland.


Delhi Shops

This chaos inspires our collection of handcrafted handbags and accessories. Our team handpicks sizes, shapes, and colors of embellishment to create designs representing the beauty, charm, and appeal of India’s hustle and bustle of everyday life.

At Simitri, luxury is in these details, and back at our workshop, the excitement of something fresh, new and challenging is noticeable. Our small but growing team of artisans is eager to get started on new samples, and collaborate with our Creative Director on color combinations, experiment with styles of embroidery, mix materials; it’s like a lab but without the hazards of detonation :D What you do get, though, is an explosion of bold accessories, clutches that are not boring, and evening bags that make a statement.


Mixing Metals

We are an artisanship-driven accessories brand and have always believed in the power of handcrafted goods. Everyday, through our bags, clutches, and accessories, we celebrate our artisans’ craftsmanship and appreciate the people who dedicate their lives to making things by hand.

Simitri’s luxuriously detailed clutches and accessories are both statements and classics created with savoir faire that stems from generations of experience. Our artisans come from families preserving tradition, craftsmanship, and artistry passed down from generation to generation. History, love, folklore, and intention exist in every needle stitch, sequin sowed, and tassel braided, pasted, and finished.

Work in Progress

Handpicked materials, combined with traditional craftsmanship used to design modern clutches and accessories, lends your new Simitri clutch a sophistication that sets it apart from anything on the mass-produced high street today.

Our lasting pieces are meant to be cherished and loved. Allow them to unleash your inner sparkle and speak to the nuances of your personality a sequin, tassel, and twinkle at a time. Here’s to owning it!

What it Looks Like